The crippling effects of overprotecting kids

Is dodgeball a mean, violent sport unfit for kids?

By Jim Tortolano  E Pluribus Unum Not all bad parenting comes from abusive parents guzzling cheap beer in a trailer park. A fair amount of it seems to spring from the educated, well-meaning and oh-so-involved fathers and mothers that you see hovering about schools, playgrounds and soccer fields. The trend which began quietly with the […]

Goodbye, good riddance to BCS

2010 BCC game between Alabama and Texas.

By Pete Zarustica, E Pluribus Unum Most endings are mourned, but this is one expiration worth celebrating: the death of the Bowl Championship Series of college football. Monday’s game may have been entertaining (and yes it was, as Florida State defeated Auburn 34-31 with a score in the last 13 seconds), but that doesn’t make […]

Who’s next? L.A. or London?

Wembley Stadium in London.

By Pete Zarustica/E Pluribus Unum We don’t build palaces for kings and pharaohs any more; we build them for football teams. Where we build these stately (and hugely expensive) pleasure palaces is the source of much speculation and anguish. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said recently that he wants league franchises in Los Angeles and London. […]

The shadow over the NFL


By Pete Zarustica E Pluribus Unum   The National Football League is riding high.  The league has a fistful of appealing stars, TV ratings (and revenue) are through the roof and a grip on the nation’s attention on Sunday that many churches would envy. However, there’s trouble in paradise. Medical evidence (and lawsuits) are piling […]